Our faucet and water faucet made of the H65 copper, have the better thermal conductivity and difficult to burst.

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  • High quality Lab fittings single way water faucet
  • High quality Lab fittings single way water faucet
  • High quality Lab fittings single way water faucet

High quality Lab fittings single way water faucet

  • Parent metal: Brass:

  • Sealing: NBR:

  • Lubricant: Silicone resin:

  • Solder: Ag 55:Sn:

  • Spool: Ceramics:

  • Surface treatment: Epoxide resin electrostatic powder spraying:

  • Surface coating color: High gloss white:

  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar/147 psi:

  • Product description:

    Superior performance and durability, easy to operate, real stuff, cost-effective!

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Single way water faucet

1. Product Description

Product name Single way water faucet
Parent metal Brass
Sealing NBR
Lubricant Silicone resin
Solder Ag 55:Sn
Spool Ceramics
Surface treatment Epoxide resin electrostatic powder spraying
Surface coating color High gloss white
Maximum working pressure 10 bar/147 psi

2. Picture Of Faucet

laboratory water faucet

3. More Choice

Product Line: fume hood, steel/wooden work bench(central island and wall station), balance table and cabinet; sourcing qualified lab fitting and stool

Please click the below picture for more information:

laboraotry furniture product

4. Our Cases and Valuable Clients

Laboratory furniture showcase-1 Laboratory furniture showcases-2Laboratory project clients showcase

5. Our Workshop

Laboratory furniture workshop

6. Packing

laboratory furniture packing-1Laboratory furniture packing-2

7. FAQ

1,How can we ensure the quality of your lab products?

Two years guarantee period since the date cargo receipt. Also can provide the samples for your reference and we are also be sure that our laboratory furniture are subject to the samples.

2,How you packing the cargo for protection?

Packing charge is about 3.5~4 % of the total cost of the goods, and we have especially reinforced our packing to protect the good from dampness, moisture, rust and shock.

3,How do we install the furniture?

After receiving the goods, we will send you the installation video or installation drawing, solve any problems for you at any time.

For project whose total amount is good, we suggest to send our senior engineers for installation.

Please click the here for more FAQ.

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