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SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association) 8M Testing Report is regarded as the highest certification of the lab furniture field. In those test, from the test of the table top to the cabinet, from the door hinge to the load test.So SEFA 8M Testing is also a certificate which could decides the quality of the goods.

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SEFA 8M Test Report

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 SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association) 8M Testing Report

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1. Every square can handle 200 pounds.

2. Secure the cabinet diagonally form the supported corner with seven solid steel bars per Section 3.1 (350lbs) 158.757kg of weight. On the top of the cabinet to prevent overturning.

3. The open door shall withstand a load of 200 pounds (90.70 KG) when applied at a point'' (304.8mm) from the hinge centerline without permanent damage.

The following pictures is the images from the TEST REPORT, but the detailed test please check the certification. From the door to the cabinet, and the test for the table top's performance. Even the hinge, slider also the part of the test. Please pay more attention to our quality!

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