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As a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Lab Furniture, we provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to the increasing operating, productivity, and safety demands of the modern laboratory, especially sold to more than 50 different countries/areas in all over the world.

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How to build your good lab?

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As Betalab, we are the leading manufacturer and exporter of lab furniture, these years we sold to more than 50 different countries and areas,

if you are interested in our lab projects references in different countries/areas, we would like to provide you more details after receiving your

special lab requirement. Yeah, our core competence is lab project management, we can give you proposal for the layout design, furniture design

and 3D-sketch step by step(See below detail picture for your reference) once we receive your lab furniture requirement. Work top processing for

a lab workbench is very very important work in our installation. If we come, we can check the exact dimension for each rooms including the columns

before our manufacturing, then we can cut the work top with good machine in our factory, so it will make a perfect work during installation. 



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