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Why the all-steel workbench is the most environmentally friendly?

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The long-standing worry of consumers in the wooden laboratory workbench is the release of formaldehyde. After all, the wooden laboratory workbench often uses many chemical raw materials containing formaldehyde in the production process. This safety problem has also made many consumers worried. There is no effective recycling method for the wooden benches that are eliminated. The combustion will pollute the environment and occupy space. Today, Betalab recommend our standard all steel laboratory workbench, all the above troubles are solved. Why the all steel workbench is the most environmentally friendly. 


From the selection of materials to the production process and elimination after use, all steel laboratory workbench will not bring waste of resources to the society, and will not have an unfriendly impact on the ecological environment. It is a reusable experimental laboratory furniture product.


In terms of safety, the wood is easy to burn, and the burning of the wooden laboratory workbench made of many compressed plates will release toxic and harmful gases, and the all-steel laboratory workbench will not have such concerns at all. In addition, compared with the wooden laboratory workbench, it will be mildewed and cracked with the change of indoor temperature and humidity. The all steel laboratory workbench is relatively stable, completely unaffected by temperature and humidity, and the use process is more worry-free.


If your budget can afford the steel workbench, our Betalab is your good choice. There are varied of steel lab furniture for your choice, laboratory fume hood, laboratory steel workbench(central island and wall station), balance table and laboratory storage cabinet.

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