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With more than 18 years experience in production & domestic lab projects management and 5 years foreign lab projects management, we already help customers built their lab projects in more than 40 different countries and area. Advanced full automation numerical control equipment, import Japan intelligent welding manipulator, fully automation painting line, CMC machining center.

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Where is the top laboratory furniture supplier?

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We are leading manufacturers in laboratory furniture and fume hood in China, we export our products to all over the world, in fact we are specially working in Pharmaceutical companies and clinic, like Barrett Hodgson which is the top pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, Amarant Pharmaceutical PVT LTD, Ziska Pharmaceutical and Renata Ltd from Bangladesh. Medifarma S.A. from Peru, Laboratorio Fármaco Uruguayo from Uruguay. 

Since laboratory furniture is a sophisticated major and it would be much better and easier if the supplier can understand the industry and finish the design and planning independently. Once you have lab projects in hand, you’ll be able to work with our designer and engineer to come up with an optimal design for your laboratory furniture that works best to satisfy your unique set of design requirements.

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Usually we welcome client’s CAD graph of floor plan and do customized design according to the function of the lab and budget. It would save cost if the length of work bench is long enough instead of putting some together. 

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