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PP Single Side Drip Rack

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PP Single Side Drip Rack
  • PP Single Side Drip Rack

PP Single Side Drip Rack

  • L*W=550mm*400mm:

  • Product description:

    Made of highly corrosion resistant PP, the standard color is semi-gloss black. There are drain holes in ...

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PP Single Side Drip Rack


highly corrosion resistant PP


semi-gloss black

Standard configuration

120mm long drip bar 32pcs




 2 KG

drip racks

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More about us:

Betalab products line:Lab workbench(table), lab stools, fume hood, emergency shower&eye washer,PP sink, faucet, gas cock, universal fume extraction hood, dome hood.
Experience: With more than 18 years experience in production & domestic lab projects management and 5 years foreign lab projects management, also already built our lab projects for more than 40 different countries and area. 
Certification: The SEFA Executive Member from 2014, passed the SEFA 8M-2016 Laboratory Grade Metal Casework testing by SGS company & carry the SEFA 8M-2016 standard in our metal casework in our production to meet high quality.

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