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Laboratory is the work place of experiment personnel, when carrying on a few experiments, can produce a few poisonous and harmful gas liquid to wait, so user must have a few prevent trouble consciousness

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Laboratory safety measures

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Laboratory is the work place of experiment personnel, when carrying on a few experiments, can produce a few poisonous and harmful gas liquid to wait, so user must have a few prevent trouble consciousness.

1.  Fire
There are many inflammables in the laboratory. Do you have a fire extinguisher in case of fire?Do you have gas masks?
2.  Explosion
Hydrogen in the laboratory, explosion may occur. Do you have professional alarm equipment?
3. Toxic and harmful
Does your laboratory have ventilation?Is the air distribution reasonable?
The poisonous gas from the lab next to you is strung into your room, how to deal with it?
4. Accidental injury
Does your lab have a full-body sprayer?Is there an eye washer?Do you have a first aid kit?
5. Does your laboratory circuit have leakage protection?To use?Is your lab building underground?
6. Is there a floor drain in your lab?
7. Does your lab smell?


Laboratory safety measures


1. Fire equipment needs dry powder extinguishers, and sand.Better have a gas mask there.If there's nothing left, plan your escape route and leave the door unlocked!
2. Hydrogen and other explosive gases, do not believe the manufacturers of universal alarm, each kind of gas has a special detection head, is what gas, there is what detection head.
3. Fume hood, the wind is not good, because there will be turbulence, you will still breathe in toxic gas, the wind is not good, exhaust.It is better to have a fresh air system, which can supplement the air, and open Windows as an alternative measure.The door should be closed to prevent the gas from entering the gas room.As far as I know, there are acetylene smoked in hospital, we are hospitalized do not know such a thing, think it is food poisoning, the best check, is acetylene leakage, because acetylene has no taste.
4. Whole body gush should be set in corridor, conditional indoor also can put a.There should be one for each central station.Foreign countries attach great importance to this, but at home, are ignored.
5. The ground wire of the experimental building shall be buried for at least three meters and watered with salt water.If your lab building is old enough to trip, prove that the total leakage protection works.
6. The tap is broken, water diffuse jinshan, if chemical reaction, so, you have a radiator, if leakage, will also occur such a situation, so it is best to have a floor drain.
7. The smell of the lab, not good for health.Opening Windows can solve this problem.But if there is a smell overflow in other laboratories, or it is winter, or you don't want to smell the smell the next day as soon as you go to work, you need an indoor purification machine. This kind of laboratory purification needs to analyze the type of gas in your room, and the plan is feasible.

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