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Storage cabinet
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  • Storage cabinet
  • Storage cabinet

Storage cabinet

  • Material:

    1.0mm cold rolled steel
  • Door:

    made of glass
  • Color:

  • Product description:

    lab storage cabinet with glass door, with lock

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*All-steel construction
*1.0mm cold rolled steel board 
*With adjustable shelves
*Epoxy coating with high temperature treatment 
*304 stainless steel handle
*Dust Protection, additional rigidity
*Full flexibility for all door and drawer arrangements
*Easier maintenance and cleaning.
*Keeps noise to a minimum when opening and closing.

*Offers full opening of cabinets for easy access.



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Q:Why choose us?

A: Our core competence is lab project management, from designing drawings, customizing furniture and fittings, to shipping pre-build modules and even sending out engineers for installation, also provide the daily maintenance of knowledge about lab furniture.


Q:How do we install the furniture?

A: 1.After receiving the goods, we will send you the installation video or installation drawing, solve any problems for you at any time.
     2.For project whose total amount is good, we suggest to send our senior engineers for installation.


Q:How can we ensure the quality of your lab products?

A:  Two years guarantee period since the date cargo receipt. Also can provide the samples for your reference and we are also be sure that our laboratory furniture are subject to the samples.  


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